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Zoo sketches

Sometimes you can really get your sketch on. Other days, not so much. Warm-ups help, but even so, some days you’re just not feeling it.

Recently I’ve been frustrated with my lack of ability to imagine a certain perspective or viewpoint of something that exists only in my head. Practice makes perfect, but I’m fairly sure I’m never going to have a racquetball squid to draw from life. Still, drawing from life really helps hone your skills… and you can apply that to drawings of real or imaginary things.

So, to ease my frustration, I headed off to the zoo this morning to do more life drawing. I really didn’t have my sketch on today, but I made myself keep doing it. I didn’t improve much throughout the day, but the general practice really helps. I noticed it was easier for me to sketch today than it has been in the past. Go, me! Experience points!

The best part of being a zoo member in Atlanta is that you can get in half an hour before the general population. I was the first guest inside the zoo today and got some great one-on-one time with the animals who usually have crowds of screaming children blocking the view and idiot parents telling their children “look at the bobcat!” instead of reading the sign right in front of them that says Clouded Leopard.

9 thoughts on “Zoo Life Drawing”

  1. LOL I know what you mean. About people trying to identify the animals that is. It sort of irks me when they call any old tiger a lion est.
    Great drawings btw.
    I wish I had a zoo near by like you. I’d be there every day. :D

    Oh well, theres always the shifty local pet shops and the wildlife in the backyard, well the prerecorded wild life shows too. :)

  2. Experience points, heh – nerd!

    And it wouldn’t be Meg’s sketchbook if the majority of the sketches wern’t of ‘roos! Are you sure you weren’t one in a previous life? ;)

    Great general advice though.

  3. Tigress, at least in the zoo they can’t go too far. I bet sketching backyard squirrels is even tougher.

    Nathan, I so am a nerd, and proud of it.

  4. I find the critters quite recognizable, even if I don’t know what kind of lizard you sketched. Working through periods of not feeling one’s artistic groove is the BEST way to improve. You’ll find the next drawing you do will fall together seamlessly.

    Late fall is a great time to go to the zoo. The animals love the cool weather, but people, not so much.

  5. beautiful! i have never been to your blog before. i like it very much. looking forward to reading more :)

  6. Great sketches Meg! I’m particularly fond of the kangaroo sketches and the lizard (is it a komodo?)

    I could think of several things to say about the illiterate parents…but I won’t. ;)

  7. Lisa, working through the rough spots is great, but sometimes motivation is soooo hard.

    Robin, thanks, and welcome!

    Rita, it is indeed a komodo. And your restraint is admirable – it’s more than I could manage. ;)

  8. They’re great.. Too bad we don’t have Kangaroos in our Zoo here, they probably make good subjects for life-drawing as they mostly lie around being lazy ;)

  9. Thomas, they do lie around, a LOT. I’d rather they jumped around more; I’d love to learn how to draw their movement better. Plus, their antics are awesome.

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