Zombie Giraffe

Undead Giraffe by Meg Lyman

8.5×11″ pastel on paper


It’s so undead, even its spots fell off.

I honestly have no idea where this came from. But there it is. And it’s on sale – for blog readers only! Because who doesn’t want a zombie ungulate on their living room wall?

Using everyone’s great tips on how to layer pastels, I filled the Canson bumps with my cheap pastels and used the nice ones on top. They still show the bumps. I think I’ll try the smooth side next time.

4 thoughts on “Zombie Giraffe”

  1. Hi Meg,

    Lisa Bachman turned me onto your blog and I gotta say, this is great stuff! The art, the beer reviews…you’ve got my attention. Oh, and I’ve tagged you (you can find out more into on my blog post “I’ve…been tagged!”)

    By the way, Negra Modelo will grow on you, kinda the same way that mold grows on bread that’s gotten too old.

  2. Hi Rita!

    I’m glad you stopped by. It’s great to find another art and beer lover! *off to go check out your blog*

    And you’re right about Negra Modelo. I had 12 to drink, and each one tasted better than the last.

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