5 thoughts on “Worktopus”

  1. This picture is great!??? I really like your Cuttle Dragon picture too. Overtime you have really established yourself Meg. I salute your efforts. It’s amazing you can maintain your website and work at the same time unless you are busy enough with your art to be an illustrator/artist for work. We’ll have a good day and if you can remember it’s James Greenough the tall blue eyed bonehead from Larry Elmore’s 5 day drawing class from 2005 I think. Hope things are well. – James

  2. I just double checked this page. So you still have a day job but your website is totally cool. So please pardon my mistake. Gambatte Kudusai as the Japanese say ( have a good time) – James?????????

  3. Those question marks are imojies. Sorry about that. : ) . James

  4. Thanks so much James! I do remember you! It’s been a long time. I appreciate your kind comments!

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