Vanitas I


Vanitas I by Meg Lyman

12×6″ oil on canvas

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A quick study in the impermanence of beauty. This was my first time trying lead white (Rublev Lead White No. 2), and it was awesome. It really makes a difference with the textures and is great for painting skulls.

Below is the scan of the unvarnished version. Subtle but interesting differences.


3 thoughts on “Vanitas I”

  1. The cicada in this makes me think you should do one honoring Grandma. Like cicada + kangaroo mouse skull (or whatever it was she froze to show us) + mummified cat…wouldn’t that be so cool/a great inside joke?

  2. Good ideas both! I can paint the “dried creature” I just finished cleaning, plus a couple cicadas and maybe a monarch wing , and tiny rodent skulls of various sorts.

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