Trouble by Meg Lyman

6×12″ oil on canvas


I’ve been going crazy with the oil paints recently! I finally bought some new equipment to help me organize the mess, and consequently, have a system where I can switch from working on gouache to oil and back without much trouble. This was my first oil painting in 18 months, and it was a re-learning process. It made me remember that, at least on a small scale, canvas is a lot harder to work with than gessoed board. Larry Elmore mentioned the difficulties of painting an eyeball that’s the same size as the bumps in the canvas, and I’m nowhere near that level of detail, but I feel his pain. I think I’ll stick to loose, abstract work on the canvases I have, and buy boards for the future. The difference is in the details:

canvas gessobord

Art frustrations are always learning experiences. ;)

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