Supersquid by Meg Lyman

Gouache on ACEO


Down in the ocean, look: It’s a fish. It’s a Old One. It’s Supersquid! Faster than a speeding marlin, more powerful than a mako, able to leap tall sponges in a single squirt.

2 thoughts on “Supersquid”

  1. Oooo my favorite super hero character. Nice one. Glad you didn’t dark-a-fy him like they did in the latest movie. Now that version looks like an evil super man in the older movies. Oh yeah the new General Zod, I just can’t really get in to that villain. Just doesn’t have that snake like personality.

  2. He was oddly human yet very much programmed into his role. Definitely an interesting villain but not really the epic comic book villain we’d expect.

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