Skull Study (a.k.a Shorty’s Head)

Skull Study by Meg Lyman

Happy Halloween!

My life drawings are always better than my drawings from photos. It’s amazing the details the brain sees in a real object that are lost in a photo. This skull was drawn from “life” – hahah I kill me! – it’s Shorty the Plastic Skeleton’s head. I love having a life-sized skeleton to work from. It’s great for perspective practice too. If only he’d stay posed for me…

7 thoughts on “Skull Study (a.k.a Shorty’s Head)”

  1. Darn! I was just about to do one of these skull “cast” drawings, too.
    You beat me to it, and it’s a good one.
    Will it be different enough if I use a deer skull instead?

  2. They’re fun to do, aren’t they? I’d love to see you do one, deer or otherwise.

  3. HAHAHA. You kill me, too. Any word about the species of that skull I gave you last weekend? Did it survive the plane trip??


  4. This is a great sketch and it’s so true that you can see so much more drawing from life than a photo, isn’t it? You’ve really got every little detail in there, thank goodness skeletons aren’t fidgety models, eh?
    If Casey happens to pop back in I’d like to second the vote for seeing a sketch of a deer skull! :D

  5. Happy halloween to you to Meg,

    Great skull and detail. I used to have a full size skeleton then I used it two years ago in my halloween display and someone needed it worse than I did……oh well, I used to use old wire coat hangers and pose mine so I could get it to hold a pose.
    Man this year we had over 300 people and kids knock at our door for trick or treat. I think next year I’m going to start charging admission to my home hahahahahaha (maybe I can buy a new skeleton?)

  6. Sister, the skull survived fine, but I haven’t had luck identifying it yet. It’s probably only half there, so it’s hard to ID. Googling “gulf coast skulls” doesn’t turn up anything but the crucifix fish, which is cool, but not what this is.

    Rita, if my skeleton started moving, I’d stuff him in my closet and throw away the key. And about the detail – sometimes it’s just soothing to draw what you see down to the tiniest detail.

    John – coat hangers – brilliant! I’m going to do that next Halloween with Shorty. And 300 kids?!? Yikes! You must have had to but out a Walmart to get enough candy. ;D

    Angela, thanks! Happy Halloween!

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