RCFM Report

RCFM setup

Nothing like a convention or show to drag you up out of art block, whether you want it or not. I got a lot done this weekend, some of which was even on my to-do list!

This is the setup for my dealer’s table at Rocket City FurMeet. I didn’t do a lot of business, but nobody did – it was a fairly slow con. However, note the t-shirts for sale in front (and hanging up). It was my first convention for shirt sales, and they went pretty well! Having that banner and the shirts hanging up helped, I think. Nobody else had something up on the wall, and it was very visible from the entry. I had a good spot. I got to sit next to my friends, too, which made it wonderful, no matter how much or little sold.

Off to do more art! Thanks for hanging in there with me!

4 thoughts on “RCFM Report”

  1. Oh, good for you! T-shirts are great. The current economy may not be the best for artwork, but we ALL have to wear clothes!

  2. And I hear the accommodations were GREAT, and cheap! ;)

    Eye candy – oooh pretty colors, always draws people in.

  3. Lisa, you’re right – everyone needs shirts!

    Kasie, thanks. I have a friend who does screen printng… it helps to know someone!

    Nathan, the lodging was awesome. Thanks again!

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