Drag Queen

Drag Queen by Meg Lyman

5×5″, colored pencil

Sorry I’ve been quiet this week. I knocked my head on the ground at softball and have been sleepy and achy ever since. But here! Have a cross-dressing cuttlefish!

Did you know? Some small male cuttlefishes wear “girl” colors to sneak past the big male guarding his mate and do her before anyone realizes what’s going on.


6 thoughts on “Quickie”

  1. Oh yeah, lots of fish and some snakes like the guarders around here do that as well. But they do it mostly with smells. :D
    Charming illustration.

  2. I was disturbed when I saw it on Nature, and I’m even more disturbed now.

    From drag cephalopods, to cephalopods in drag – Meg has it all.

  3. Tigress, I heard that about snakes, and some fish. Amazing, isn’t it?

    Nathan, would you expect any less? Also, I just added some fishnet stockings on his fins. :D

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