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Just popping in to say that Felipe sold at the show this weekend! I’m thrilled, especially since it sold to a friend. I know it will be well-loved.

I was planning to post a photo of my table setup, but I completely forgot to take any pictures. I’m hoping I can steal a photo from my table-neighbors and post it this weekend.

6 thoughts on “Quick Post”

  1. Hi Meg,
    So how did the show go? I’d like to hear all about it. Wow selling your art is cool even if it is to a friend. All my freinds want is free art hahahahahahaha.
    Can’t wait to see pics. since you had a table set up there did you get an opprotunity to go look around? The only thing I’ve ever been to was Comiccon in San Diego two years ago. oh and thanks for the lil comment on my blog. wait till you see the christmas ones I have plenty of them ! Coloring pages that is.

    cya John……..time to go pop a cap on a St. Polleys and watch some sci-fi Cheers!

  2. Hello;

    Discovered your website on Larry Elmore’s Bulletin Board. Nice work with the girl. Your work is funny. All of you guys gave me will to start painting as well. Did a first work with some Elmore model as well, you can see it on my blog. I look forward to exchanging with otheer artists. I am currently working on some Michael Douglas portrait (oil).

    Ced, from France

  3. John – con report coming up!

    Cedric, thanks for stopping by! I saw your work on Larry’s board too. It’s great to see all the step-by-step work on your blog! I’ve put it on the long list of art blogs I read. :D

    Rita, thanks for the kudos! I’m glad he sold. If it hadn’t sold at this years’ CotC, it probably never would have.

  4. Thank you Meg, I was wondering who is visiting my blog apart from myself lol
    Your Elmore girl is awesome by the way. Feel free to leave comments on my blog as well I am looknng forward to exchanging with other artists.


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