Qiang Huang Workshop


Qiang Workshop I by Meg Lyman


Qiang Workshop II by Meg Lyman

As I mentioned, I had a workshop last weekend with Qiang Huang at the Whidbey Island Fine Arts Studio. It was a great learning experience, and like the other classes I’ve attended, I left feeling a strange combination of exhilarated motivation and bewilderment that I ever manage to paint anything worth looking at. After seeing great artists work, I have a very distinct feeling that I have no idea what I’m doing. It’s obviously not true, because I will slowly incorporate more and more of the things I learned from Qiang into my paintings. But for now I still feel like I’m painting with, as classmate Heywood put it, a sawed-off fence post.

I present these class works to you as they were when I left the workshop. The first one was about three hours (and a poorly-focused photo, sorry) and the second about six in 2 three-hour sessions – and the extra time shows. Plus, the master himself put a few strokes on the cloth in the second one! I could put some hours in retouching and fixing the things I see that are wrong with both of them, but I’ve found I learn better when I hold those errors in my mind. The unresolved issues jump out at me from the canvas and I strive to never let them show up again.

Speaking of canvas, I grabbed two Blick linen canvases on clearance for this workshop. It’s the first time I’ve used linen (as opposed to cotton) and I looooooooove it. It’s harder to find but now I crave it. Delicious, delicious linen.

3 thoughts on “Qiang Huang Workshop”

  1. Great stuff. So will this be a trend for your future creature feature artwork? Will we still see more of your traditional stuff?
    Are you going to try airbrushing next?
    Inquiring minds want to know. ;):p

  2. Thanks! I hope it’s a trend. I want to continue to do more serious work alongside the fun cephalopod stuff. Airbrushing, though? I am scared of the equipment costs and the mess. Plus I feel like I have sooo much still to learn with gouache and oil!

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