Pucktopus by Meg Lyman

SOLD – traded with an artist friend

Did you know the fans throw octopus on the ice at Detroit Red Wing Games? Did you also know that I won a game of Trivial Pursuit with that particular tidbit?

5 thoughts on “Pucktopus”

  1. Yep I knew that considering I live right across the river from them.
    It has something to do with “call to arms” or something like that.
    Poor octopuses though. :(

  2. That is easily the most bizarre thing I have ever heard of, I feel bad for the little octopuses…and the person that has to clean the zamboni.

    On a lighter note, love the drawing! :D

  3. Meg, your drawings always make me smile. Winning a game of Trivial Pursuits is as akin to being a Jeopardy champ. Nice going!

  4. I feel bad for the little buggers, too. If you’re going to buy a dead octopus, you should at least eat it!

    Hahaha zamboni. Wow. Hadn’t thought about that.

  5. that is very cute! I always felt bad for the little octopus and like Rita said I can’t imagine the mess. Would definitely now want seats close to the rink.

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