Preparing Claybord Smooth

Legless Mouse

5×7″ Oil on Claybord Smooth


Here is an example of how to make oil or gouache work with Claybord Smooth. Go here to see an example of how to make a horrible streaky mess with oil on Claybord Smooth.

I painted the background weeks ago, and it is all streaky and ugly and brushstrokey. However, it dried to a nice textured finish, so painting over the top of it was sort of like painting on canvas. It works really well for oil, and pretty well for gouache.

Cool, huh?

4 thoughts on “Preparing Claybord Smooth”

  1. It’s like a graphic logo… you could make a t-shirt out of that, or a tattoo. I like highly stylized things like that (e.g. woodcuts), so I’m interested to see if you go any further in this direction… ;)

  2. Nah, I’m just saying it would be a new direction for your style, a direction I would be interested in following if you feel compelled to keep experimenting in that vein. Ducks are always very stylizable, though. ;)

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