Post-Con Oil


Greentopus by Meg Lyman

Oil on teeny tiny 2×2″ canvas


Well, that was fun. Volunteering at a convention or other art-related event really makes it more enjoyable. You feel like you’re contributing, you meet all sorts of cool people, and you get the satisfaction of a hard day’s work spent helping others. I also went to fish class at the Georgia Aquarium and am now certified to stand by the cuttlefish tank for 4 hours, engaging guests about our charming cephalopod friends. I cannot think of a better way to spend 4 hours.

At FWA I did a lot of doodles and sketch commissions and even sold a mini painting of a blue leatherback turtle. Did you know they’re the largest turtles on earth? I didn’t, but now I do and so do you! Also I learned that boxer crabs have anemones growing on their claws and they look like little cheerleaders and I totally have to paint that now. Little skirt and all.

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