Peppermint Nautilus by Meg Lyman

8×10″ gouache on Pastelbord


There is great potential in combining candy and cephalopods…

The Pastelbord is such an interesting surface to use with gouache. The background is watered-down gouache, the same consistency I’d use on matboard or paper… but I have to apply the wash two or three times to see it. It goes on normally, but as it dries the Pastelbord sucks in all the water and a lot of the pigment, leaving a ghost of the layer you though you put down. It also bleeds significantly, making for neat but sometimes unexpected effects. The opaque gouache doesn’t act much different from other surfaces, although its tendency to lift is much less. I like that. I just wish it didn’t tear up my brushes.

In other news, I just created an Etsy shop, finally! Here’s a link to the shop itself. I have quite a few originals there, and I’m just starting to populate it with prints. Check it out!

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