Mikkeller’s Big Worse

Another fabulous guest post from Tentacle Toast!


One of the most unique barleywines out there has got to be ¬†Mikkeller’s “Big Worse.” It’s quite woody, but also ripe with candied fruits. Floral nose, with more than a hint of apple. It’s like drinking a fruitcake with a carmel topping. Very strange, but well designed, & worth a go. A liquid conversation piece, if you serve it in a glass to friends. 12%ABV, but be warned, its well hidden! I wouldn’t be surprised if the alcohol percentage turned out to be higher; while I was drinking it, I thought that it was exceptionally low, as it was virtually indiscernable… I took my time consuming a single bottle, & found myself to be MUCH more affected than usual. I am by no means a small man, nor am I unfamiliar with stronger brews, so here would be a good place for a friendly reminder to play it safe, as you never know how it’ll hit you!

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