Magic 8-Ball Snail

Magic 8-Ball Snail by Meg Lyman

Pencil on card-stock

$25 – e-mail to buy

I don’t know where my brain gets this stuff. I go do something practical for a while, and when I sit down to draw with a clear head and cheery disposition, it spits out this kind of thing. I kinda like him.

7 thoughts on “Magic 8-Ball Snail”

  1. Lisa – is your favorite sport pool, or fortune-telling? :D Both are great with beer.

    Kasie – thanks! Creativity is fun, but perhaps not so sellable. ;)

  2. Don’t we all, Lisa? :D

    Tony, you are correct. He has to crawl up a stem until his weight bends it over, then he lets go, falls to the ground, and takes his time turning back over.

    Thanks, Angela!

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