Liberty Leading the Cephalopods


Liberty Leading the Cephalopods by Meg Lyman

11×14″ gouache on illustration board


This commission was super fun to do! Although full of challenges like value and color matching and making humans into octopus, painting after an old masterwork it makes your choices much easier.

3 thoughts on “Liberty Leading the Cephalopods”

  1. OH MY GOSH. I posed as Lady Liberty in a human postcard version of this in 5th grade when we went to France as some sort of grand finale to a scavenger hunt I didn’t really understand (because I didn’t speak French). Anyway.
    It’s awesome! The flag and all the drapey fabric are particularly impressive, and I love the sky. What’s your favorite/hardest part?

  2. Thanks to you both! Seester, I never knew you did that, I bet that’s a funny photo full of bewildered American children. My favorite part is the upper half of Lady Liberty, as a focal point she works well and it was tough making a topless human into an octopus. Hardest part was a toss up between getting the darks and lights correct, and making up ground areas that were covered by humans originally.

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