Left Hand Blackjack Porter

Today’s beer is the last of the Superbowl beers: Left Hand Blackjack Porter. It was the best of the three, although not our favorite from this brewery. It does have a cool label, though:

To help describe this beer, I’m creating a new term: the “First Taste.” It is defined as the immediate impression of the beer, and lasts for a very short time before the full flavor hits your tongue. You could also associate it with food – some foods taste strong at first, but the taste fades away to nothing by the time you’ve eaten the whole pint of ice cream in one sitting. Anyway, Blackjack Porter’s First Taste has a lovely hint of chocolate. The overall flavor is very mild and smooth. It’s a bit like Guinness, but a milder. The aftertaste is bitter and strong.

A pretty good beer, but after tasting Left Hand Milk Stout and Imperial Stout, we were expecting better.

M: 7.5
N: 7.5

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