International Cephalopod Awareness Day

Today is International Cephalopod Awareness Day! Everyone please take a moment to consider the little-appreciated intelligence and beauty of class Cephalopoda.

Did you know that octopus arms act so independently of the brain that they can be said to have brains of their own? Did you know that cuttlefish can be trained to find their way out of mazes by looking at signs? Did you know the squids of family Histioteuthidae are called “cock-eyed squids” because their left eyes are long tubes bulging out of their heads?

Use today to spend a few moments learning about cephalopods. They rock.

4 thoughts on “International Cephalopod Awareness Day”

  1. Recently watched a octopus go about its business at the Toronto zoo.
    To me it looked really bored. The only thing it had to play with was a discarded baby soother. I mean those guys are pretty smart, even smarter then some dogs. They need decent toys and activities.

  2. It’s so sad to see animals languish in captivity. I think most zoo/aquarium visitors don’t realize how smart cephalopods are. :/

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