I’m “It!”

I’ve been tagged, so I guess I’m “it.” Or maybe I’m frozen. Wait, what game are we playing?

First, I apologize for the lack of content this past weekend; I was out of town. I’ll get back to riveting, crunchy content next weekend. For now, though, I’ve been tagged by arteest extraordinaire Rita Woodburne. Her blog is called “Purple Tastes Good.” Isn’t that excellent? She wants to know seven things about me that most blog readers don’t. So you get to hear them too.

1. I am a punctuation and spelling Nazi. See those periods and exclamation points inside the quotation marks? That’s where they should be.

2. I play the cello. I used to be good. Now I am out of practice, and Stanley sits in the corner, mournfully awaiting the day I change his Dampits.

3. I hate mannequins. They freak me the heck out. Especially when they sneak up on me, staring from the tops of department store escalators.

4. I lurve soccer, play it lots, and was a goalie from age 10-21. I don’t goalkeep anymore because it bashes my poor artsy fingers. I was MVP for our Division III college team.

5. I can lick my nose.

6. I compute with Linux. Did you know Microsoft just sued Linux programmers for supplying people with Free Software? That makes me so mad I can’t talk about it.

7. I have a one-eyed cat.

K, now I’m supposed to tag seven other artsy people. Problem is, I don’t know seven other artsy bloggers who haven’t been tagged yet. So here are some artists and some sorta-art-related bloggers, who should now consider themselves “it:”

Andy Hopp (fantasy artist of infinite imagination)

Sarah Trenfy (I just bought a really cool painting from her)

Nathan (fantasy writing catalyst)

Gulf Coast Gringa (The Sister, doing what we all should be doing)

Ready…. GO!

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