Illustration Opportunity – Update!

Gilded Pelican

Gilded Pelican by Meg Lyman

6×8″ gouache on matboard

$50 – e-mail to buy

Remember last month when I talked about meeting with some fabulous people to discuss illustrations for a children’s book? Well, good news! We rearranged my standard contract several times, got it to everyone’s liking, and signed it. I’m currently on the hook for some character development, and if it goes well, full illustrations. Exciting! Busy! Challenging!

I have already started the back-and-forth with sketches, and it’s such an interesting process. I’m learning so much. I won’t get into specifics since nothing is finished yet, but if you have questions, ask away.

5 thoughts on “Illustration Opportunity – Update!”

  1. Way to go Meg!!
    Be sure to keep us updated on the whole process, I’m sure it’s an interesting one.
    Any chance we might get to see some of the potential charatcers? Hmmm? ;)

  2. Thanks, y’all!

    I doubt I will be able to share the characters with you because of the publishing contract, but I’ll ask.

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