I Survived Anthrocon


Steampunk Octopus by Meg Lyman

Notecard-sized gouache and ink on paper


And actually made some cash and had fun! A rousing success!

This was the most fun I’ve had at a convention since Con on the Cob ’06. I’m glad I covered my expenses, but what really matters is being with all those awesome people. Highlights:

  • Giggling girl art homework party
  • Watching the AMAZING Pittsburgh fireworks from our room on the 22nd floor
  • Seeing Tekfox do his DJ thing. He rocks the Drum and Bass genre.
  • Receiving art from so many different cool people, via trades, gifts, and purchases
  • Doing a commission of a squid-colored-like-a-puffin! I need to look into doing cephalopod in striking animal patterns. :D

And 8 of my 12 pieces sold in the art show (one to one of my favorite artists). I am overwhelmed with happy. Thank you, everyone!

3 thoughts on “I Survived Anthrocon”

  1. Awesome piece Meg, and I’m glad the convention went well for you!

    On top of having great sales and a good time to sell one of your pieces to a fav artist, I’m sure that was a treat!

    (and I’d love to see this squid coloured as a puffin… I’m intrigued!)

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