Highland Oatmeal Porter

So yesterday, we stocked up on six (six!!!) different kinds of beer, three of which we’ve never tried before. We had to buy them yesterday, because the great state of Georgia doesn’t allow liquor sales on Sunday. I have never understood this rule – if you’re desperate enough to be drunk for church, you’ve probably planned ahead.

Anyhow, this week’s beer is Highland Oatmeal Porter – both bottled and on tap. We’ve had both versions before – the tap version at the North River Tavern and the bottle from our most favorite of liquor stores, the Beverage Resort.
The bottled beer is smooth and a tiny bit sweet. It has a medium-dark flavor, not too heavy. After the first taste, the sweetness sinks in a bit, and is then followed by a bright aftertaste that gets bitterer as you go. An interesting beer.

The tap is a bit better than the bottled version. Could be that we’re biased towards freshly pulled pints as opposed to bottles that have been sitting around for who knows how long. This one is a little bright and bubbly, with the same slight tang as the bottle, but with less of the bitter ending.

M: 8.5
N: 8.5

M: 8
N: 7.5

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