Headless Chicken

Felipe the Flaming Salamander, WIP

15×20 Gouache on Illustration Board

Y’all know the saying “running around like a chicken with its head cut off.” I figured it’s more efficient to say “running around like a headless chicken,” but whenever I say it, people go, “what?”

I’ve been running around like a headless chicken all week. I’m leaving for Con on the Cob on Thursday, and it’ll be the first time I’ll have an exhibitor’s table at a convention. I’m also entering 3 6×2′ panels in the art show. Preparation for this includes the following:

  • Painting “Felipe” specifically for Con on the Cob (at one of last year’s Quick Draw competitions, a “flaming salamander wearing cowboy boots at a taco stand” was suggested)
  • Matting, backing, labeling, and bagging all my new pieces
  • Laying out the art show panels so I know how much art I can hang
  • Labeling non-show pieces with prices to sell at the table
  • Buying and labeling a portfolio for unmatted sketches
  • Buying and filling a print binder
  • Getting prints made
  • Creating and uploading notecards and magnets to Vistaprint (their notecards are nice quality but say “www.VistaPrint.com” on the back)
  • Buying ungodly amounts of candy to draw people to the table
  • Buying a 29 cent ACEO frame at the resale shop only to find that a 1/8″ frame border swallows up a lot of the ACEO
  • Buying a 49 cent jar at the resale shop for animal shelter donations
  • Purchasing a receipt book
  • Researching vendor taxes in the state of Ohio
  • Designing and ordering from Kinko’s a 3×1.5′ banner. It looks awesome and cost ~$50.
  • Creating a small pricing sign (for prints and commissions)
  • Pilfering binder clips from the office
  • Panicking
  • I think that’s it.

Luckily, I have most of these done. However, it’s the first of the month, so I should update my website. And as you can see, I still have half of Felipe to paint. *runs around like a chicken*

p.s. I underpainted with three warm orange washes and it is working really well. You can layer gouache as long as you aren’t heavy-handed and use the right tools. Illo board soaks up paint fast, so it’s much easier to layer than Gessobord.

4 thoughts on “Headless Chicken”

  1. Meg, so far this looks awesome, you’ve got to promise to post this when it’s done. I love the idea…and I think salamanders are cute!

    Isn’t getting ready for a show fun? Makes you wonder how and why some people do them every week-end year round. Good luck!

  2. What a hoot. Great fun with salamanders.

    Add a mailing list clipboard to your list, Meg. Make a box for name, one for address and one for e-mail. Fill out the first one as an example, and read them while their there, in case it’s illegible.

  3. Thanks, Rita. I will definitely post it when I’m done. Should finish tomorrow. Leaving day after tomorrow. Don’t know how I’m going to get a nice 300dpi image of it…

    Casey, awesome idea. I have a handy-dandy notebook ready for that purpose!

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