Happy Love Day


Cupid by Meg Lyman

8×10 ink, colored pencil, and gouache on Canson


I know it’s all generated by Big Corporations Who Want to Sell You Cards, but happy Valentine’s Day! May your lives be full of love all year ’round.

I was recently introduced to the work of an interesting musical artist. Not only is the video art 100 kinds of awesome, the tune and beat are catchy, and you (or your kids) will probably want to play it again, and then the song will be stuck in your head forever. You have been warned.

This line in the song really caught my ear: “Live your life until love is found, or love’s gonna get you down.” I think you can apply it to most everything in life. Art, for instance. Being an artist is a roller-coaster relationship. Complete a wonderful painting, but get passed over for a gallery. Sell a big original, but run out of inspiration on the next one. Up and down and around. And there’s rarely an art cupid to magically work things out. But you can’t let those things stop you from trying, from improving yourself, from finding joy while living your life… or art’s gonna get you down.

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