Gouache WIP – Socctopus – Part 2

Hey, did I mention this is on cradled Gessobord? Did I mention that washes get easier if you layer them?

Once I got the background finished, I started on the octopus. First I painted the darks. I used a reddish-purple for the core shadows and a bluish-purple for the rest of the darks. I am probably not done with the darks yet; I’ll come back to them later to make sure everything balances out.

Next: Create the orange practice cone and flag, and lay in the middle tones on the ball. I’ll probably leave the white for the lightest areas.

Next: Paint the middle tones on the arms and eye, and some grass on the arms to integrate octopus and foreground. Notice the big difference the lighting makes in the color of the photograph – this was in daylight, the others were under halogen bulbs.


My boyfriend told me the eye wasn’t focal enough, and he couldn’t tell the little guy was supposed to be sleeping. So I used The Gimp to try a few different eyes.



Finally, I ended up with this: sad. Maybe they lost the game… or maybe he’s just sad that everyone keeps kicking him around. I added highlights and little details. It’s color-corrected and done!

Critiques and comments welcome!

4 thoughts on “Gouache WIP – Socctopus – Part 2”

  1. I love it! It made me laugh when you said that he’s sad because everyone keeps kicking him around. That fits perfect, lol, (being a soccer ball and all.)

  2. I love it Meg! He’s completely adorable! The background is great. Wonderful greens, with just the right amount of detail in the grass.

    I enjoy learning about your work. I have yet to buy paint of any kind other than the stuff that goes on the walls, and I use a paint pad for that.

  3. Kasie – thanks! I love when my art can make people laugh.

    Lisa – thank you too! I’m glad to hear the grass works, since I wasn’t sure how to approach the near vs. far grass. Paint is fun, but so are pastels… I go back and forth depending on how messy I’m feeling. :D

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