FWA Report


Dinner by Meg Lyman

8×10 colored pencil and ink


Furry Weekend Atlanta was very much fun. I had a blast sitting all weekend in the stuffy little room they set aside for “Artist’s Alley.” For those unfamiliar with this type of convention, they’re set up with a Dealer’s Room where merchandise and art are sold. Tables need to be reserved and paid for in advance. Often there will also be an Artist’s Alley, where table space is free, but first-come, first-serve, and only art can be sold.

I met a bunch of awesome people and sold prints, hats, commissions, and originals. I sold two pieces in the art show, volunteered to help with checkout, and ended up getting an offer to perhaps run the FWA Art Show next year because I’m “organized and focused.” These are apparently rare traits in the fandom.

One of the best things about a local convention is the local people you meet, giving you many opportunities to socialize with kickass people (artists and otherwise) throughout the year. Every time I meet artists in the Atlanta area, I feel more at home.

3 thoughts on “FWA Report”

  1. Fun + Profits = Squidilicious! Glad it was a great weekend. Got a squid suit yet? I want pictures!
    Now, how do I say there’s some really nice stroke work in the squid without it sounding like a pun?

  2. Great review Meg! So, do you think you’ll take them up on their offer to possibly organize/ run the show next year? Sounds like it would be a great opportunity and fun to boot!

  3. Lisa, it was totally squidilicious. And no squid suit. :/ And puns are always welcome here.

    Rita, I’m seriously considering it. It’d be impossible to sell art there if running the show, but it’d be great experience and networking.

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