Fluorescent Anteaters

Snoozy Anteater

Snoozy Anteater by Meg Lyman

Gouache on notecard


I need to go to an art store for burnt umber gouache and masking fluid to replace the masking custard I found last week. Going to art stores is dangerous. My wallet cringes.

Make sure to check out Lisa B’s awesome alphabet sketchbook project. It’s inspiring.

I got two paintings finished this week to close out an illustration contract. It rocked. But I can’t post them here because all the rights were purchased. That also means I can’t update my website with them yet, and my update for May is going to be pitifully small. Sigh.

I doodled this anteater in the airport last year, promptly lost it, and found it again last week when pawing through stacks of illustration board for the aforementioned project. I got out the typical browns and blues to make a grey anteater… but then I sort of lost control of it, and now he’s ready to go to a rave when he wakes up.

When I start a painting, I don’t usually plan to push the boundaries of color. But when I’m successfully able to drop my “I’m going to ruin it” fears, I always end up unintentionally experimenting with color. And it usually turns out well. I encourage the lot of you to do the same, because it’s so fun.

May all your anteaters be fluorescent.

5 thoughts on “Fluorescent Anteaters”

  1. Awesome anteater Meg! I’ve always thought theu were kinda cute and a fluorescent one is even better, glad to see you pushing the envelope… or colour as it were! :D

  2. Everybody’s going green these days. :)

    Thanks for the link to the alphabet project. Speaking of green, I need to go finish G. :D

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