Drawloween: the Conclusion

Here are the rest of them! It was super fun and challenging.

drawloween13Frankenstein’s Monster (OK Meg’s Monster)drawloween14aBatdrawloween15Amuletdrawloween16Grave – inspired by the Forks Cemeterydrawloween17Demondrawloween18Maskdrawloween19Creature from the Black Lagoondrawloween20Skull (otter)drawloween218-bit zombiedrawloween22Candy (laaaazy)drawloween23Goredrawloween24Just doin skeleton stuffdrawloween25Mummydrawloween26Ratdrawloween27Witchdrawloween28Black Catdrawloween29Scarecrow (get it??)drawloween30Spiderdrawloween31Dragon

4 thoughts on “Drawloween: the Conclusion”

  1. I can’t pick a favorite! I love the otter skull for the anatomical detail; the skeleton doin’ stuff is so lifelike and fun; the rat reminds me of The Secrets of NIMH and I love that you made it inquisitive and sweet instead of nasty and dirty; the GORE is totally Tucker and Dale vs. Evil; the witch has so much personality; and the cat and dragon are so cute and textured! love love love

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