Donating Art

Ubuntu Penguin

Ubuntu Penguin – commissioned piece

Gouache on Bristol

I recently had some opportunity to donate art prints to various causes. In celebration of the almighty upcoming Tax Day, I wanted to remind you that any art you donate can help lower your tax bill. I’m still unclear whether you can claim the market value for said donations, or the cost of making them… but either way, donating art to a worthy cause is a great idea. The tax benefits, sure, but also promotion! It’s a great way to get your name out there.

I donated a few prints to the charity auction at OmegaCon, and two matted cat-themed prints to the recent anniversary celebration at Furkids, where I volunteer. Charity auctions are great exposure – people go prepared to spend money for a good cause, and small, lower-priced items like prints are a great option for people who want to donate on a budget.

3 thoughts on “Donating Art”

  1. Somebody get a new-fangled smokin’ PC? That is too funny!

    At least he’s not wearing a green and pink tuxedo. :)

  2. This picture made me chuckle! That’s how I look at my PC when I’m trying to download things (man, I love country livin’ dial-up).

    Donating art is a great way of getting your name out there and supporting worthwhile causes, it’s win-win for everyone!

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