Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron

Tentacle Toast is at it again! Plus I accidentally stabbed my hand with a knife last night, so art is on hold for a few days.


Dogfish Head’s “Palo Santo Marron” is worth a mention. This used to be in my top 5, but has slid a few in the rankings because of what tastes like – and this is hard to describe if you haven’t been a consistent consumer – committee involvement. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a solid, great tasting beer that’s blacker than night with the viscosity of motor oil. It’s like drinking a cigar. But for some reason, the last year or two it seems like they’re playing it safe, & not being quite as daring with tweaking of the recipe…or it could be that they’ve decided one more stroke would ruin the painting. I don’t know, as mentioned, I’m no expert. It’s available year round, & I used to be able to tell when a new batch came out instantly upon taking the first sip (sometimes just by pouring it into the glass by the nose alone). Now it’s so stable, that there’s no variation at all. Still ripping with alcohol though, 12% by volume, & worth picking up a 4-pack, if you’ve never tried it.

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