Dapper Drake

Dapper Drake by Meg Lyman

5×7″ Gouache on Bristol


I just got a new computer. I love it. It is fast and it can handle large 300+ dpi files without wheezing, smoking, and dying. I selected the individual components and had AVADirect put them together for me. They did an outstanding job.

The major reason I didn’t go to someplace like Dell is that I don’t want Windows pre-installed. I won’t use it, so why pay for it? I run Linux. Ubuntu is my preferred distribution of Linux. They release updated versions every six months, with cool names like Breezy Badger.

I was running Dapper Drake. It worked like a charm. My wireless card functioned properly. With my new computer I decided to try a newer version, Feisty Fawn. It took me two weeks of agonizing and a new card to get my wireless working again. I often yearned for Dapper Drake, and this painting is to celebrate how easy it was to use. But now it works, and this is my first post from my new computer via my new wireless card.

Look for renditions of the Breezy Badger, Edgy Eft, Feisty Fawn, and Gutsy Gibbon soon! And.. um.. I think all those names are copyright Ubuntu, although I coudlnt’ find anything on their website about it…

3 thoughts on “Dapper Drake”

  1. Ah, the wacky world of computers. It’s a real zoo out there, isn’t it?

    Your animals are quacking me up. I’ll be back to badger you about gibbon us another one that we can fawn all over, eft I get the time.

  2. Angela – Thanks so much!

    Lisa, I hope you’re happy. I spit water all over my new computer when I read your comment.

    Just kidding. I almost did, though.

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