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Ballast Point Victory at Sea

I know I just posted about a Ballast Point beer with a skeleton and his parrot, but here’s another! Victory at Sea is “porter with coffee & vanilla” and it’s pretty much that. Fairly smooth, but it’s an Imperial so it’s not for the lighthearted. I mean, just look at the art!


Also I like it because the title reminds me of this comic. Very NSFW. Please don’t click on it if you’re my Ma.



Gus by Meg Lyman

Oil on black canvas, 2×4″


This is a tiny still life of an opossum skull. My sister and I found it in our Grandma’s barn. I cleaned it up and gave it to her for Christmas, like any loving sister would. I painted it first to try some new oils I got (and to keep the memory alive I suppose).