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Cuttlestack by Meg Lyman

About 4.5×9.5″ gouache and ink on hot press

$70 – e-mail to inquire, or visit my Etsy store

What do you get when you cross a Meg with a week-long meeting and gridded paper? Prolific doodling of geometrical animals, of course. I drew rectangular creatures of all phyla, but the first one I painted had to be a stack of cephalopods.

Fun fact: this painting makes me think of semáforo, one of the few Spanish vocabulary words I remember. Not particularly useful, but one of the coolest sounding words ever.


Anthrocon Proposal

I’m back from Anthrocon, and it was a blast! I want to thank everyone who came by my table and who bought stuff there and at the art show. Also, my friends Kevin and Steff got engaged at the Art Show, and several of us contributed art to help set the mood, and it was great to be a part of that. Now, on to RAGBRAI prep and doing a dozen more originals for GenCon and Dragon*Con since y’all bought them all last week. But first, to sleep off this con crud, bleargh.

Comrade Derptopus

Comrade Derptopus by Meg Lyman

~5×10″ mixed media


Another odd-size paper experiment. I doodled this derpy guy at work one day, and couldn’t get him out of my brain until I painted him up properly. This doesn’t happen all that often – inspiration strikes all the time, but rarely is it so insistent. Once I finished the painting, I decided he needed borders, and played with acrylic gel medium and Claybord and La Carte and foam core. Interesting lesson: La Carte can be completely denuded with gel medium. I knew it didn’t like moisture, but I didn’t realize I’d end up covered in a cement-like mix of glue and sand. It was fun.

Bonus points if you can decipher my uneducated attempt at Russian half-hidden in the borders.