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Geek Girl Con

A HUGE thanks to everyone who came to this, my favorite convention, and especially to those of you who stopped by to talk or buy art. I appreciate you! I had great neighbors, too. Here is a picture dump of the Drawloween sketches from the last few days! Raven, moon, eyeball (titled by The Husband: Apt Pupil), and alien.

drawloween11drawloween12drawloween9 drawloween10

Con Doodles

Jet City Comic Show was fun. I saw lots of Captain Americas, which always makes me unreasonably happy. And I got to meet the local, effervescent, awesome Tiki Stitch who I’ve known online for years. Yay internet people!

Anyway, here are some sketch commissions and doodles from the con. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!







The Lull

I have returned intact from the workshop, and now I’m so stuffed with knowledge I can barely move. Thanks to Kate for putting up with us and sharing her top secret techniques. I look forward to using her painting method on some upcoming still life practice.


Cervid I by Meg Lyman

8×10″ oil on board

Etsy link

In honor of still life, here is a skull I painted. Before the workshop. Not only did I not use Kate’s technique, I painted it over an 8-year-old gouache painting on gessobord that was one of my very first paintings and was consequently horrible. Turns out you can use oil over gouache quite easily, although I know nothing about its longevity. All that aside, I believe it is a mule deer, advertised on Etsy as a found elk skull. People are really bad with taxonomy. I love identifying found skulls, but I admit I might be in the minority there.

Also, the first plug: come to see me at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend in Seattle! I’ll be at table LL-13. I may try painting between now and then, but these past two weeks have been all about learning and business.

Cuddle Owlet


Cuddle Owlet by Meg Lyman

ACEO gouache and ink on cold press


A quick doodle to get me back on the gouache train after the holiday slump. I’ve been busy getting the next calendar’s concepts fleshed out, and preparing for RustyCon next weekend. If you’re local, check it out! It’s my first time there, so I hope to have a good time. My next con after that is Emerald City Comic Con in March. So stoked about that one, with all its cool guests!

Upcoming Shows


Cheluna by Meg Lyman

Gouache and ink on ACEO


I’m headed to Geek Girl Con in Seattle next weekend (19-20 October), and will also have art hanging at Con on the Cob in Akron, OH that weekend. I wish I could be both places at the same time! That’ll be it for shows this year. The next one is RustyCon in January 2014. I’m ready for a break from cutting prints and matting… I need to get back to painting!