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Bob the Dog

Bob, 8×8″ oil on panel

A pet portrait off to its new home. <3

This one’s just two colors plus white – ultramarine blue and transparent red oxide.

I feel like this guy is the first time I got the whole photographing-your-artwork thing right. Using natural light, bouncing boards, and RAW image editing.


Peacoctopus by Meg Lyman

8×10″ gouache on board

This was a super fun commission, although the finished version had a kitchen background and added an apron onto the critter, as well as those feather dealies sticking out of the head. I truly enjoyed the challenge of the feathers. Their shape is soothing to paint!

I Regret Nothing

meglyman_MLPMy Little Octopus

11×14″ gouache on board


This was a super fun commission and I have no regrets. Using gouache on flat areas of color, the way it was designed to be used, is both satisfying and frustrating. You had better mix enough of that color to get coverage and not have too much water mixed in, or you’re screwed.

Also, painting tiny outlines is oddly theraputic.