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The Hairdresser by Meg Lyman

8×10 colored pencil commission – SOLD

Commissions. The double-edged sword. They are often an essential part an artist’s living, but they can be so draining creatively. When someone wants me to do custom artwork for them, I am thrilled and terrified at the same time.

I am beginning to set myself up with a style – the more work I do for myself, the larger my portfolio, and the more likely I am to get commissions that I will like. However, there are always commissions that just suck it out of me. If I accept a commission about which I am less than enthusiastic, can I use it to practice a new technique or style? I’m at risk of providing the customer with a product unlike any of my others… and they hired me after seeing my existing work. If an experiment goes wrong, I’ll have to start over.

Luckily, this hairdressing cephalopod commission was right up my alley.

For the artists out there, where do you draw the line when accepting commissions? Do they have to interest you, or do they simply have to pay the bills? For the potential commissioners out there, how much leeway would you give your artist in terms of style?


Drag Queen

Drag Queen by Meg Lyman

5×5″, colored pencil

Sorry I’ve been quiet this week. I knocked my head on the ground at softball and have been sleepy and achy ever since. But here! Have a cross-dressing cuttlefish!

Did you know? Some small male cuttlefishes wear “girl” colors to sneak past the big male guarding his mate and do her before anyone realizes what’s going on.


FWA Report


Dinner by Meg Lyman

8×10 colored pencil and ink


Furry Weekend Atlanta was very much fun. I had a blast sitting all weekend in the stuffy little room they set aside for “Artist’s Alley.” For those unfamiliar with this type of convention, they’re set up with a Dealer’s Room where merchandise and art are sold. Tables need to be reserved and paid for in advance. Often there will also be an Artist’s Alley, where table space is free, but first-come, first-serve, and only art can be sold.

I met a bunch of awesome people and sold prints, hats, commissions, and originals. I sold two pieces in the art show, volunteered to help with checkout, and ended up getting an offer to perhaps run the FWA Art Show next year because I’m “organized and focused.” These are apparently rare traits in the fandom.

One of the best things about a local convention is the local people you meet, giving you many opportunities to socialize with kickass people (artists and otherwise) throughout the year. Every time I meet artists in the Atlanta area, I feel more at home.

Happy Love Day


Cupid by Meg Lyman

8×10 ink, colored pencil, and gouache on Canson


I know it’s all generated by Big Corporations Who Want to Sell You Cards, but happy Valentine’s Day! May your lives be full of love all year ’round.

I was recently introduced to the work of an interesting musical artist. Not only is the video art 100 kinds of awesome, the tune and beat are catchy, and you (or your kids) will probably want to play it again, and then the song will be stuck in your head forever. You have been warned.

This line in the song really caught my ear: “Live your life until love is found, or love’s gonna get you down.” I think you can apply it to most everything in life. Art, for instance. Being an artist is a roller-coaster relationship. Complete a wonderful painting, but get passed over for a gallery. Sell a big original, but run out of inspiration on the next one. Up and down and around. And there’s rarely an art cupid to magically work things out. But you can’t let those things stop you from trying, from improving yourself, from finding joy while living your life… or art’s gonna get you down.

Happy Holidays!

Bashful Gentleman

Bashful Gentleman by Meg Lyman

9×12″ ink, colored pencil, and gouache on Canson


I’ll be out of internet range for a while, so I hope everyone has safe and happy holidays. If you don’t have days off… I’m really sorry and don’t mean to rub your nose in it, but WOOHOO I have two weeks off!

I’m going to work on a bunch of commissions that I backlogged in order to finish some big Christmas commissions. I have succeeded (well, they’re done, anyhow) and will show them to you once I return – *after* people have been gifted.

Merry Holidays!


Alien Turkey

Alien Turkey by Meg Lyman

6×8″ colored pencil, ink, and gouache on Canson


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. If you celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday, I hope it was full of tasty turkey. In honor of the holiday, have a brightly-colored alien turkey!

They don’t taste good.