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Warm and Cool, Part 4

This will be the last of my discussions of warm and cool colors… partially because I ran out of color combinations, and partially because I didn’t learn all that much. But I had to finish the project.

Here are parts 1, 2, and 3.

Purple is today’s mix of choice. Warm red and warm blue (upper left) make a nice warm purple… on the brown side. Cool red and cool blue (upper right) make a cooler, more traditional purple color. Makes sense, right?

But cool red and warm blue (lower right) make a quite vibrant purple. I’m really not sure why, except that warm red is so vibrant on its own. This whole thing makes me wonder if maybe I needed to pick my warm and cool pigments so that they were as equal as possible… But then again, cool red and warm blue (lower right) make a horrible muddy brown, as expected. The dichotomy lends weight to the theory that my single pigment tubes may not, indeed, be only one pigment. Hmm.

The whole thing taught me only ONE thing: premix your color and test it first, because you never know exactly what you’re going to get.

p.s. football started. GO BEARS!

Warm and Cool – Part 2

First, happy Independence Day! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. My country isn’t perfect, but I sure am glad to live here and be able to paint cephalopods in my free time. Speaking of which, there’s new content up at

Today I’ll explore more warm and cool colors. See this post for the introduction to the experiment. I will attempt to draw conclusions. You are welcome to chime in.

Here’s my first experiment: red and yellow together. Also known as orange: the color of construction, and when put next to navy blue, the colors of the Chicago Bears. GO BEARS! Ahem.

Warm and cool 2

On the left, I mixed oranges with “like” primaries – that is, I mixed warms with warms and cools with cools. On the right, I combined warms and cools.

The orange in the upper left corner is the most vibrant. It’s certainly a warm orange, and has the most life to it. If I wanted to paint a vibrant giant pacific octopus, I’d use that combination.

The orange at the lower left is more muted. It’s definitely more muddy and cool than the warm/warm orange. I think there are two reasons for that: first, orange is generally a warm color, so making a cool orange is a bit difficult. Second, the cool red I used has a lot of blue in it (you know, its being “cadmium red purple” and all) and that means there were really three primaries in the mix, making it more brown and muddy.

The orange on the lower right is an interesting one. It’s fairly vibrant and light; I think it is the most successful cool orange I mixed. Using the warm red instead of the cool one really gets rid of the brown look. It’s sort of pastel orange, almost peachy, and I like it.

The orange in the upper right is the muddiest of all. I think this is because it mixes warm and cool AND it includes all three primaries. But it’s orange mud, for sure. In fact, if it ever rains again in Georgia, this is will be the color of my yard.

In conclusion, the warm/warm mix created the most vibrant orange, and the warm yellow/cool red created the muddiest orange. But the most important conclusion is that you should do your own color tests, because I still have no idea what I’m doing. Check back after a few more posts.

Excuses and Fan Art

Right, so, this week’s beer rating is postponed. The thing is, I ran out of beers for which I wrote down comments, and a girl can only drink so many beers a week. I have 35 beers on my list, 23 of which are rated, but only 13 of which have comments. I started rating before I started taking notes.

The good news is that we bought 3 new beers this week: Bridgeport Black Strap Stout, Left Hand Blackjack Porter, and Cooper’s Brewery Best Extra Stout. By the time the Superbowl is over, I’ll have 3 new fully-commented ratings for you. And no more excuses.

Speaking of the Superbowl, my team is in it for the first time since I was too small to care. After we moved to Chicago in ’86, I became smitten, and all the time between now and then, the Bears have consistently let me down. Now they’re going to Superbowl XLI, and although my hopes aren’t too high, I’m proud of them for getting this far.

This is my first piece of original Fan Art. I’ve done things for Star Wars and Samurai Jack, but they’ve just been copies of stills or promo photos. This I invented on my own. It came to me shortly after it sunk in that the Bears were actually going to win the NFC championship (I was giddy with glee). It took 2 weeks to formulate and execute, and it’s my first finished piece of digital art. After many hours the last two weeks, including 15 hours yesterday, it is done. It was hard. My wrist nearly fell off.

To: My favoritest team ever, da Bears
cc: Their loyal fans, at home and displaced
Subject: The Littlest Fan

link to a higher-res image: [link]