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Angry Derp Cat

Angry Derp Cat by Meg Lyman

Gouache and ink on ACEO

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Immediately following my rant on fan art, I post fan art. Oh, the irony.

I love Angry Birds, both the game and the design. I was doodling at the convention last weekend and had a brainstorm – Angry Birds pigs can be made into just about anything! Literally. I was so inspired by the possibilities that I spat out a couple dozen sketches and started painting them right away on ACEOs. It is so much fun and I can’t stop. I doodled a derpy shark that made me giggle whenever I looked at it – I have never sketched anything that made me laugh like that, and I am not used to the accompanying odd stares. From con-goers, no less.

So… am I being hypocritical? It doesn’t feel like it to me – I changed the idea, and I’m just doing it for a fun diversion. I am interested in everyone’s thoughts on this one!

Metallic ACEOs

Cat Eye ACEO

Cat Eye ACEO by Meg Lyman

Ink on ACEO

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Although you’ve all given me fabulous ideas about how to clean my scanner (thank you!), I haven’t tried any of them yet. Instead, I blissfully scanned more art, expecting it to turn out horribly. As a result, when it turned out OK, I was pleasantly surprised.

I got a pack of ACEOs when I bought some gouache from someone over on WetCanvas. About half of them make me wonder what in the world people DO with ACEOs. I have shiny, slick, metallic cards, cards with stripes, and hot pink. These black ones look neat, but they’re slick, so I needed light-colored ink to use with them. I’d been wanted to buy metallic brush pens for a while… so I did, and here’s the result. Metallic ink is waaay too much fun. And the scanner handled it OK!

Nibbler ACEO


Nibbler by Meg Lyman

ACEO with Brush Pens


I got a pack of blank ACEOs (2.5×3.5″ cards) and wanted to try out this textured one. I looked around my desk for something to draw, and my Nibbler doll stared back at me. It’s a still life of a copyrighted character. Anyone have advice about whether it’s OK to sell or not? I don’t want 20th Century Fox to come after me…