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Swallowtail Squid


Swallowtail Squid by Meg Lyman

Gouache and ink on ACEO


Ever since he saw one in his picture book, Squidlet wanted to be a butterfly. His mama said the closest he’d ever get was visiting his cousin, Slingshot the flying squid. Squidlet was determined, so he put on butterfly colors, made himself antennae, and spent the rest of his life jumping out of the water as high as he could. He lived happily ever after.


Girctopus by Meg Lyman

Gouache on ACEO


A spoof on Gir from Invader Zim. I haven’t really watched the show, but someone requested him and he’s super adorable.

I created the background effects by starting with a piece of sturdy black matboard. I cut it to ACEO size, sketched the character, and then used the black matboard as the outlines. It’s fun to paint negative space!