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Fairy by Meg Lyman

ACEO gouache and ink on board


The glowy pink fairy octopus lives in the coral woods, and will grant you wishes if you bring it live kelp crabs. But they have to be just the right size, and not too cantankerous. The fairy has a reputation to uphold, after all, and can’t go around with chunks missing because of some uppity crustacean.

Cuddle Owlet


Cuddle Owlet by Meg Lyman

ACEO gouache and ink on cold press


A quick doodle to get me back on the gouache train after the holiday slump. I’ve been busy getting the next calendar’s concepts fleshed out, and preparing for RustyCon next weekend. If you’re local, check it out! It’s my first time there, so I hope to have a good time. My next con after that is Emerald City Comic Con in March. So stoked about that one, with all its cool guests!