Cat Prints II

Cat Prints II by Meg Lyman

9×12″ ink on Yupo


Playing around with Yupo has been fun. You can do some very neat things with brush pens on it. This close-up shows the texture you can create using only one pen:

The only catch is, it takes several days to dry. It inevitably gets cat hairs and dust stuck in it, which must be painstakingly removed while you curse yourself for forgetting to cover it while it dried. At the same time, you must avoid touching the dry ink, because it lifts off the plastic like dry-erase marker lifts off whiteboards. But still, it’s fun.

Cat Prints I is here: [link]

5 thoughts on “Cat Prints II”

  1. Good to see some happy cat prints. My new studio has a problem with the insulation in the floor. The cats get through it! And, yes, I just went out and saw the little boogers’ prints on my palette table.

    Free cat, anyone?

  2. Hi just wanted to say great site and great art! Oh I love the octpuss guy for the anthro challenge .



  3. Super work Meg! Never tried Yupo myself but I know a few folks taht have and they’re horribly addicted to the stuff now…stuck cat hair and all. I’ve heard it’s a very different beast to tackle if you’re used to working on paper, is that true?


    PS- That’s kinda neat-o that your great-great Grandfather wrangled horses…but great-great Grandfathers are just neat-o in general. ;)

  4. Casey – I knew the cats could get in, but I didn’t know they liked to raid your supplies. Did they leave pastel footprints everywhere?

    John – thanks for stopping by! You can probably tell I love cephalopods, so I’ll try to post more on WetCanvas. Problem is, I’m already checking 3 forums every day! ;)

    Rita – thank you! I’m not addicted yet, but I haven’t tried all the mediums. It is *really* different from paper. The best I can describe it is a flexible whiteboard, or a stiff garbage bag. Everything literally wipes right off! Except pencil. It’s there forever.

    Angela – thank you!

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