Bye 2015!

meglyman_furiosaFuriosa –  fan art homage to my favorite movie of all time

2015 was a good year. I was able to focus my art by doing more still life practice and background work, and I really got into the vulture culture/skull collecting community. I appreciate all of you – artists supporting artists, collectors, and the helpful and friendly vultures I’ve met. I hope we all have an awesome 2016!

meglyman_buoyBuoy – gouache work from a photo I took in La Push

meglyman_delacroixLiberty Leading the Cephalopods – a fantastic commission

meglyman_madronaMadrona – experimenting with oils and daily painting

meglyman_otternoveau_unvarnishOrange Otter – alla prima from life plus a little Klimt influence

meglyman_vanitasI_unvarnishedVanitas I – my first try at still life with lead white oil

meglyman_octophantOctophant – a fan suggestion and experiment in textures

2 thoughts on “Bye 2015!”

  1. These are all fun. I love all the cephalopods!
    How did you like your lead? In general, I love lead especially for portraits but my main white is titanium.

  2. I do love the lead white. I’m kinda a sucker for different textures in paint – I know a lot of folks dislike oil paint that isn’t creamy. But I love my runny ultramarine, my gritty earth ochres, and my ropy lead white. This one was Rublev. I got a tube of Vasari lead white recently and look forward to trying that out too.

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