Boat Show Report


Elsie by Meg Lyman

5×7 gouache on Pastelbord


Well, the show was really good, but in an unexpected way. Most of us didn’t sell much of anything; it was the first year the show had an art gallery, we weren’t well publicized by the show, and our location was obscure. That, and people came to buy other things. Like boats. They had three houseboats that were bigger, better decorated, and three times more expensive than my house.

I sold a few prints and one small painting (featured above, painted during the show yesterday). So sales were “meh.” However, I handed out a bunch of cards, got lots of names on the mailing list, and talked to a bunch of people. I even got a couple e-mails already inquiring about purchases! But the best part of all was meeting the other artists. You’d be hard-pressed to find a nicer bunch of gals (and guy). Everyone was fun to talk to and learn from. The show was well worth all that effort for that alone. And I already have an invitation to another show. Woo!

Here are the awesome people I met who have work online: Anne Brodie Hill, Anita Elder, Jose Portilla, Amanda Carder, Cathy Little, Rhea Metcalf, and Cheryl Hardin, who took a bunch of my money for one of her fabulous paintings.

My booth setup was a bit haphazard; we had more room that we thought we’d have, so I only brought water-related art during setup. The first night of the show, I brought more art to fill out the panels, which is why it’s sorta shoved into the bottom.

Left Booth Booth TableBooth Right

I have never been a good people-person; being in crowds makes me a bit nervous and I am horrible at small talk. Doing conventions and this show has helped a lot with that obstacle. I even volunteered to stand out in the hall and heckle passers-by, asking if they wanted their faces painted. I only asked the young ones, their parents, and the really old folks. Only the kids said “yes.”

9 thoughts on “Boat Show Report”

  1. Good job Meg, and thanks for the report. That cow piece is fantastic, I love the lighting and colours in it, I can see why it sold!
    I know what you mean about the small talk/ chit chat thing but don’t worry, it gets easier the more shows you do. That, and the more shows you do the more… *ahem*… “interesting” people you meet, it’s great for telling stories to other people afterwards! :D

  2. One original at a non-art oriented show is something to crow about!

    I wish you lived out here and could do the Leavenworth show every weekend in the summer. You’d be in the “boot camp” of art fairs.

    BTW, I love the cow.

  3. The cow is wonderful. I love the early morning light effect.

    Sounds like it was a fun weekend. I wouldn’t mind living on a boat… anchored in Tahiti.

  4. Rita, thanks – assurance about it getting easier makes me happy. It is definitely getting less “OMG” and more entertaining. Let’s hear some of your stories!

    Casey, it isn’t too shabby. I was happy I sold SOMEthing. :D And I wish I could be out there too. I miss WA.

    Lisa, thanks! It was fun, but it was also depressing… because it wasn’t on the beach. ;)

  5. Hi Meg, Wow the cow is great!I love it. I’m also glad to see your keeping your brush wet with all this art. I just wanted to pass on a great networking site to you. it can be found at it’s one of the most intense sites for childrens book writers, publishers, illustrators I have ever found. hope you like it I think you should get your lil tenticles over there and your ardvarks as well!


  6. John, thanks for the link! I’m definitely going to explore and get my lil tentacles over there (LAWL!)

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