Birthday Cards

Birthday Squid

Making birthday cards is way more fun than buying them. You don’t have to spend very long on them, because even if you make little mistakes, your friends and family will still love it more than all their other birthday cards because you made it. Even if it has a squid on it.

4 thoughts on “Birthday Cards”

  1. Charming card. :)
    As for my self, not really into card making. Not sure why. I don’t know, but love making posters and occasionally designing package covers and that sort of thing.
    Maybe some one could convince me? Haha :)

  2. Kasie, I hadn’t even looked at store-bought cards in a while… up to $5?!? That’s incredible. In a bad way. ;D

    Tigress, thanks. Posters are fun too, but I’m not much of a graphic designer. We all have our own “specialities.” I do encourage you to try this though, just because it’s a meaningful (and cheap) way to express yourself. :D

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