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Cephalicide by Meg Lyman

Mixed Media (colored pencil, gouache, & ink) on toned paper – 8×10″

$50 – e-mail to buy

Being tagged got me thinking. I told you 7 things about me you probably didn’t know, but they’re random things and not necessarily related to art. Being able to lick my nose is cool, but it has no useful application in art. Or anything else, really. So I will share with you my short “art self” story, both to potentially help others, and to record it for myself, so that in a year I can read this and see how much more successful I became. Or how badly I tanked. You never can tell.

Quick history: I’ve drawn things forever. Don’t we all, as children? But some people stop; I never did. I took a few classes in high school and college, sticking to pencils and pursuing a totally unrelated career. After graduating and working for a while, I took a few community classes. The end.

Oh wait… that’s just the beginning! About a year ago, I saw some art that made me decide to abandon my fear of color and start painting. I started with single-hue paintings, using my experience with value and sticking to one color. Ever since, I’ve been expanding my boundaries and exploring color. The more color I do, the more I love it.

I still do pencil work and enjoy it. I am working on pencil illustrations for a couple RPG books, and trying to push my values even further.

I still feel like I’m experimenting with color, but I’m more confident now than I was a year ago, both with color itself and with the tools. I’ve dabbled in digital art and got paid to design two website logos. I’ve sold several originals. I’ve built enough inventory to call and visit a few galleries and shops. One local gallery said my stuff was good, then shut down for the summer – but it still sounds promising. I have some photos on sale in a small (but really cool) store in Iowa. I have had a couple portrait commission inquiries. And I have two restaurants that will hang some of my art next month.

I have a huge spreadsheet full of art ideas that must be painted before I croak. My next big project will be painting 100 cephalopod species. It may take years, but I’m excited about it. And to show you how far I’ve come since I started with color, my latest and greatest work is on display above (permission to roll eyes and snicker granted).

I also started this blog. It’s been wonderful so far (for me at least… I hope for you as well). I have a million ideas, questions, and tips I want to share with you. That’s the end for now. I wonder what the next year will bring?

2 thoughts on “Art Self Today”

  1. Hey! It sounds like you’ve got a great plan and you’re headed in the right direction. I love your drawings. I think you’re great with color.
    I have a whole list of ideas too! I guess that’s a good thing. We’ll be busy ’til we’re old folks. :) (And then maybe we just won’t be so good!)

  2. Thanks, Kasie. I appreciate your support! It’s good to have a plan, simply so we’re not wandering aimlessly through the art fog.

    And I know I have more things on my list than I can do in a lifetime. Maybe that’s why the old masters had apprentices…

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