Anthrocon Proposal

I’m back from Anthrocon, and it was a blast! I want to thank everyone who came by my table and who bought stuff there and at the art show. Also, my friends Kevin and Steff got engaged at the Art Show, and several of us contributed art to help set the mood, and it was great to be a part of that. Now, on to RAGBRAI prep and doing a dozen more originals for GenCon and Dragon*Con since y’all bought them all last week. But first, to sleep off this con crud, bleargh.

2 thoughts on “Anthrocon Proposal”

  1. Wow I guess squids can even be cats having tea. Hehe
    One even looks like my one year old kitty. He’s such a ham. But where is he? He must catch this annoying fly.

  2. I love when my kittens catch and eat all the bugs in my house. It’s so convenient. And they’re entertained.

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