An Ode to Art and Beer

Beer. No, not just beer. I have to be more specific. Dark beer? Hmm… Slightly better.

The imbibish part of this blog will focus on said beverage. I cannot stand the light-colored swill that passes for beer in this country. N and I drink (and rate) only beers that have the words “stout,” “porter,” or “dark” in the title and are chocolaty-brown in color. My snooty beer preference I blame entirely on my dad, who thoroughly enjoys dark beers. He also enjoys just about any kind of food put in front of him, and never met a piece of pie he didn’t like, and I blame those traits on him, too.

So, beer. N and I buy a new kind every time we visit the Beverage Resort (complete with a waterfall and plastic tropical trees), and their selection changes every time. Each new beer gets a 1 (bad) to 10 (kickass) rating from me and from Nathan, and a brief description, if we aren’t too beer-ed up to remember it. Generally, we don’t get toasted on this stuff – it’s too good to waste by forgetting. And we bring this ranking to you, for your enjoyment of fine dark beer, and to help us remember what we’ve tried and what we’d rather not buy ever again.

The other half of the blog: art. I have recently discovered that I desperately want to explore the world of art as it exists beyond backgroundless pencil drawings. Within the last 6 months or so, I’ve bought paper, board, claybord, gouache, paintbrushes, palettes, canvases, and pastels, to name a few, in an attempt to explore the world of color. Henceforth come my mis-adventurous relationship with art, put down in electrons to help both you and me. Here’s to my ability to make horrible art mistakes so you don’t have to.

4 thoughts on “An Ode to Art and Beer”

  1. In defense of light beer…I don’t particularly like having to wash down my beer before I can fully work my jaw again. Some of these so called “dark beers” have much more in common with 7 year old Karo syrup than with beverages. And woe to whichever of your stumbles across the miserable coffee/chocolate/dishwasher soap dark beer that I endured back in my world beer tour days.

    Give me a nice, recently brewed (God Bless Born On Dates) Bud Light any day of the week.

  2. Hmm… you might not find my blogging of any use to you then, except maybe what not to drink. You have a point about having to chew some dark beers, and there are certainly gross ones. But we aren’t talking “chug,” we’re talking “savor slowly.” And when you’re done with one, you have a glass of water to recover. Stick-to-your-ribs beer. MMMmmmmmm.

  3. “Insights into your personality will be more than useful to me”… hmmm… you sound like a laid-back version of Mr. Burns, planning to take over the world.

    *ahem* I luuuuuv you, RJ, please don’t turn me into a slave worker when you become Supreme Potentate of the Universe…

  4. Oh, I’m sure the insights into your personality(ies) will be more than useful to me. Plus I’ll know what to stock up on for your next trip to HTown (or what to bring as presents if we ever get out your way).

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