Adorable Armadillo

Adorable Armadillo

Adorable Armadillo by Meg Lyman

Gouache and ink on notecard


I have been crazy-busy this week, and it’s not going to let up soon. I even got some art done! I’m heading for the beach this weekend and Anthrocon is next weekend. Getting ready for any convention is hard work, but this is my biggest con and I have to cram everything into two suitcases and get on an airplane. CRAZY but fun!

4 thoughts on “Adorable Armadillo”

  1. Considering the cost of baggage, maybe it would be cheaper to buy a second seat and strap the luggage in next to you? At the very least, it won’t get lost!

    Have a great time. Pittsburgh is one of my favorite places. Great food, nice people.

  2. Lisa, no kidding! People with big instruments have to do that.

    Thanks for the well wishes. :D

  3. This armadillo is awesome! Are you the artist? If not, do you know who is? I’d really like to have a copy of this. Please email me at or you can look me up on Facebook @ Andrew Tobias Line.


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